Welcome!!!…my first blog post….sooooo excited…NEW ADVENTURE BEGINS!!!

she did



It was 3 months on December 6th 2014, that I started this incredible journey with Younique. I have met some incredible ladies that are on this amazing ride with Younique as well….I am amazed everyday by the support and inspiration all these ladies from across Canada to USA to UK to Australia to New Zealand give to one another…..true sisterhood!!! These ladies are mothers….sisters….aunts…daughters…grandmas….and they all come together and support each other and build each other up….this company …this family…I decided to be a part of has truly changed my life…in 3 months….I have moved 3 levels in this company and now get two tiers of commission…that never happened at any other sales jobs before….OMG!!!pinch me someone…”is this a dream?” I LOVE YOUNIQUE!!! I LOVE MY Y SISTERS!!! I cant wait to see what happens in 2015…..‪#‎wow‬‪#‎freakinhappy‬ ‪#‎gladijoined‬



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