Starting my Journey with Younique


I can honestly say I have never LOVED my jobs I have done in the past….any of them….I have been really good at them…selling in retail and commercial industries for over 20 yrs…but I have never felt that any of the jobs were my TRUE calling until NOW….until Younique came into my life….This company is truly amazing!!! I have always said I want to do what I love…something that inspires me….Let’s face it…we ALL need to WORK….we all have bills and many of us can say?… “I get up everyday LOVING what I do!!” Well….NOW this GIRL can finally say I DO!!!!!! I have NEVER felt this way before….Younique has truly changed my life….I want to shout from the roof tops and say “HEY… anything is possible…I am living proof….come and join me and see….the possibilities are endless!!” I want to share all the joy…inspiration and enthusiasm this company brings me… with everyone!! Younique is the BEST thing that has happened to me and my family!!…an all because a girlfriend wanted to give me lashes…because everyone who knows me…lol…can say Rachael has no lashes and looks so young without makeup…Thank you to my girl Shash for giving me lashes!…for helping me to find my GIRLY SIDE again with make up……for telling me about Younique!! WE BOTH have found our calling…who would have thought when we met 20yrs ago at SAM the Record Man that we would be here today…SELLING again…and finally doing what WE LOVE!! I love you girl WE ARE CELEBRATING OUR YOUNIQUENESS!!!!!


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