My first UK Presenter


Waking up to my first UK presenter on October 1st 2014….truly amazing…. So exciting!!! I had sent 3D Lashes to my family friend back in September…well before the Younique Launch across the UK that was supposed to happen October 1st.   Turns out that the family friend Dee that I sent them to…Loved them and so did her granddaughter…who in turn wanted to join me…take that leap of faith and become a presenter just like me…. I was amazed…over the moon…she wanted to join and we didn’t have product there or any presenters in the UK yet!

This Launch happened so FAST!!!  Beyond expectations…..we signed up the target presenters 999 to be exact in 26 minutes….THAT’S CRAZY!!  People wanted to be a part of this amazing company and they weren’t skeptics at all….without having product…because October was the month for recruiting presenters…..they could not purchase until November they were ALL over it!!!   Bonnetta…my friend’s  granddaughter was ONE of those 999 presenters to join Younique in 26 minutes!!  WOOHOO Bonnetta!!!  I am so happy that you are a part of my team…that also means…. not only will we talk online and share stories…network and grow our business…I get to travel back and forth to my Native home of London England and see you in person…this amazing company has afforded me to do so…I can’t wait to see wait 2015 brings to us and our team…LOOK OUT WORLD…THE UNITED SISTERS of Younique are coming!!!

You can be a part of my team too…..


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