Customers….got to luv em!!!

typurchase tylip ty3d

So I go to my favourite nail salon on Christmas Eve….yes I braved the crazy Christmas rush traffic to get my nails did in time for Christmas….yes RED…little design on them….feeling so festive….I also had prezzies for my nail tech and salon owner……My girl Linda was there getting a pedicure….wants to see my Younique catalogue….wants to know what else we sell….then proceeds to tell me a story about her girlfriend who had a home party…..”Do you do home parties?” She asks….absolutely do!!!…..very lucrative and fun…..she then says her friend was getting ready to tell her all about who the rep was for the party and Linda chimed in and said “Oh I know all about Younique” I have already bought from them….a Lady who goes to my salon sells it….

She was giiving me a PLUG!!!  Even when you least expect it!!!  Yes you are on that customers mind….yes they loved the service…yes they are coming back for more….and yes Linda did….she purchased right there in the salon while getting her toes polished!!  HEHEHE!!!  “How long do the lashes last?” she says….she bought the 3D lashes the first time I met her at the salon….she wanted to make sure she was stocked up before she goes away at the end of January….REORDER!!!  woohoo LOVE my customers!!!

you can order too….


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