What’s in your makeup???

There are many cosmetic companies out there to choose from….and at various price ranges to suit your budget….but what is in these cosmetics?…..how are they tested?….are the good for our skin?….are they harmful for our skin?….until recently I did not realize what is in most of the cosmetics….I was naive….this video came across my Facebook feed and I decided to share….I am representing a cosmetics company….what I put on my skin….and what my customers use on their skin is absolutely important and I would not be representing this company if I didn’t believe the products were safe and natural products.


Using all these products from Younique my skin has never looked healthier……I stand by this company and their natural based products…..

I asked a lady the other day what mascara she uses….I will not mention the name…I also said I was curious about what the ingredients were in her mascara….and she shrugged her shoulders and said she didn’t know……that saying…”you are what you eat”…..I was thinking that after talking with her…not saying that she has bad make up or the mascara she bought was no good…..but over time what are the lasting affects in the products we are using everyday?…..something to think about the next time you go to the make up counter to buy beauty products……


I will end this blog by saying….We have one life…..our health….our skin….what we eat….what we drink….should be important….It is up to us to educate ourselves to educate and teach others….then the next generation will be well equipped with knowledge to prevent past mistakes….there is always a better way!!

Have a fantastic FAB-U-LASH weekend!!!!!



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