A YOUnique Incentive!!!

Well old man winter is upon us…..somewhere warm sounds fantastic right about now……How about Jamaica??…..right now there is an incentive BONUS with Younique……they have announced WIN A TRIP to JAMAICA 


Younique is adding a BONUS for new Presenters…..sign up and receive 1400 bonus points towards our incentive cruise to Jamaica….As a presenter you will be working towards the other BONUS…a West Indies Getaway….AHHHH…..THE ISLANDS…..Joining Younique right now couldn’t be sweeter!!!!

How amazing is this that you get rewarded for your hard work as a presenter by going on a cruise to Jamaica??  Absolutely Amazing!!!  BUT WAIT…..not alone….with ALL the other Younique presenters….YES your Y SISTERS are all going too….FUN FUN FUN in the SUN with the girls!!!!

new kit

What an incentive! Now is the time….Oh the possibilities! Have you thought about making some extra money? For ONLY $119 CAD….you get this fantastic kit!….. And an added bonus for signing up…..A chance to win a Cruise!!!

Every single Younique Presenter has the chance to earn this Jamaican cruise.  Not a Younique Presenter yet? You can sign up and work hard to earn this trip…..The qualification period started January 1, 2015, so there is still a lot of time. You can become a Younique Presenter today by going to…..


Join y

Younique is making the Incentive Trip to Jamaica very easy to achieve all presenters!

If you’re just looking for a better way…. more money….. new challenges…… Here it is!…… Give Younique a try!

If you want to know more about the Younique Incentive Trips…..like the cruise to Jamaica….. how to earn points……or how to sign up….. just let me know.


Have a Fab-u-lash Day!!!



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