cant keep

YEP!!!!  We are expanding our product line!!!….I couldn’t be more excited!!!! I can’t wait to try everything!!!!  Who gets to do this at their job???   OMG!!!! this is AMAZING!!!!


New Products coming in MARCH!!!  hey that is my birthday month!!!  WOOHOO!!!!   Can’t wait!!!!  Here is what to expect….

Splurge Cream Eye Shadow
Cream Shadow Brush
Beachfront Bronzer (in 3 shades)
Stiff Upper Lip, Lip Stain (in 7 new colors)
Shine Eye Makeup Remover Cloths
Blending Buds

Cream eye shadow…..must try this!!!!….  compare the pigments I have to the cream…..beach bronzer?   all over glow I bet!!!…..summer where are you???….soooooo can’t wait to try this!!!!……stiff upper lip!!!…I have this in RED….we had a PROMO….back in November…..LOVE THE LIP STAIN!!!….well it’s BACK!!!!…and more colours to choose from…..SOOOOO excited to try them all!!!…..


Makeup remover…..but of course!!!   we sell makeup…THIS IS A MUST HAVE!!!….NO more going to the dollar store to buy baby wipes…lol….those will be available in March!!!


Already have these!!!  LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!!

ALL these new products will be available in March…..can’t wait!!!!   If you would like more info on how to get your hands on any of these fantastic products…comment below……also visit my website…..check out all the other products

Have a fantastic weekend everyone!!!



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