Ever travel for your business???  I can be trying a times….long wait times in airports…..lost luggage???…..lay overs……boring meetings…..what if you could go to places you want to go and do business at the same time???  WOOHOO…..soooooo excited to say this!!!   My business is allowing me to do just that!!!   Younique is expanding!!!   I have family in Germany!!  GUESS WHAT???   I get to do BUSINESS….and see my FAR AWAY relatives at the same time!!!   How AWESOME is that???!!!!



UMMMMM…..this is CRAZY!!!!…..I went to Mexico with my husband and daughter with friends in December of 2013…..OMG!!! Can I say AMAZING?!  I had been before….years ago before I was married and had any children…..I had a blast….this time was all about Family…we had a relaxing vacation….swam with Dolphins…..didn’t want to come home!!!

GUESS WHAT???!!!  Younique is expanding there too!!!   SOOOOOO   friggin excited!!!!!!!!    Going to Mexico again!!!  For business and pleasure!!!!!   How can this company be so amazing???!!!

I am soooooo happy I found Younique!!!   My life is just beginning it seems….A new Book is beginning!!!

Today is where your book begins!!!!





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