20 Beautiful Women Challenge

Hello Ladies!!!   I was nominated by STYLED WITH JOY!!!…Thank you Sweetie!!  🙂   I am still quite new to blogging…..I am excited and up for the challenge!!!….When I post on my blog I also read a lot of different blogs….about everything…from beauty to travel….photography and business.  So may of you have such interesting reads!!….Doing a blog in the first place was a challenge and a dare!!!…. I am glad I took the plunge…it led me to all of you!!!….I am honoured to be nominated!!!…Feeling the LOVE right now!!!

After you’re nominated……pick a picture of yourself and share it with a little story about why you choose that particular photo. Then it is your turn to make twenty pretty ladies happy by nominating them!

Here is my pic!!!


I choose this pic because I thought it would be fitting considering the name of my blog!  I moved to Canada many years ago with my family…..but I never lost touch with family and friends that still live there.  I don’t see them as often as I would like….but I do write and we connect via social media!   I have never forgotten where I was born…but have also adopted the life here in Canada…Hence the name BRITISH GIRL IN A CANADA WORLD!!!

Now without further ADIEU…..I nominate

1. Styled with Joy

2. Claire with the Hair

3. Kimstag

4. Polished by Amy

5. Louiina

6. Chantal and Shekinah

7. Art Becomes You

8. My Hint of Chic

9. the animated life

10. amandalyle 1986

11. siliross

12. life of kristyn

13. Aliah’s Makeup Press

14. in her beauty

15. A vibrant day

16. With all my Affection

17. Filipino inside out

18. loving food and fashion & life

19. Say hello to Gorgeous

20. Inner Beauty Diva

Thank you Ladies!! 🙂

Remember PAY it FORWARD!



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