Glorious Face & Eye Primer


GLORIOUS!!!…..NEW LOOK….same AMAZING Face & Eye Primer




Younique Glorious Face & Eye Primer creates a flawless canvas as it evens out the skin’s texture, and primes and prepares the skin for premium application of mineral makeup. Apply directly on skin prior to concealer, foundation, or makeup. Blend into skin using circular motions until primer is absorbed.








Not just for you face….a couple of drops in your palm….run your hands through your hair smooth finish…..voila….HAIR SERUM!!!





Yet another use!!!….for more vibrant colours….mix a little pigment with glorious for a smoother bolder eye pigment….mix all three….pigment/glorious primer and rosewater and you get FABULOUS VIBRANT COLOUR…..WOW those EYES!!!





Glorious Face and Eye Primer!!!!

A truly ‘Glorious’ product that prepares and enhances your skin!!!

Check out my website….see WHAT’S NEW with Younique!!!


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