Who uses these?? Going to be my new fav!!


What is all the buzz I keep hearing about these little tools????   I have heard about these for months……I had always used a wedge sponge from the dollar store to put on my BB Flawless and Touch Foundation…..then as luck would have it….Younique was giving them away for FREE….for HOSTING a qualifying ONLINE party…..WOOHOO!!! I could get my hands on one of these babies!!!!

blending buds

I had never used one of these before so boy was I excited!  OMG!!!   Can I say that these little babies are AMAZING!!! If you have never used one of these before….you have to try them……I’ll say it again….AMAZING!!!!….They are shaped like an egg…..you use the larger end for blending in your foundation….and the smaller pointed end for your contouring and highlighting.    


I am still learning the art of highlighting and contouring….but with this it is so much easier….I don’t know how I got by on my small little sponge wedge…….this Blending Bud is perfectly shaped to fit in your hand while you apply your foundation. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this tool!!!


Every month Younique has a little extra called KUDOS…..this month is our blending buds…..HOST A PARTY…..QUALIFY WITH POINTS and receive this FANTASTIC BLENDING TOOL!!!

To find out more on how you can get your hands on one check out my website



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